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     What did we ever do before the internet? More information, more shopping and lots of time. I love that I can click and find just about anything I am looking for! Lots of links to all kinds of information are here and I am sure I have missed some.....

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     Want to share links or think you have one I need to include, just email me with the web address and I will check it out!


      What are you listening to while you are stitching? Lots of my students are surprised when I tell them I get my audio books online, and have been for a while! I haven't figured out how to stitch and read a paperback yet so life is at its best when I can sit in my comfy chair with a kitty perched on my lap, stitching and listening to my latest book!

Two Audiobooks for FREE from Audible

     Whether you like classics or current releases- they have something so suit everyone's taste.

Quilting Artist and Groups-

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