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    Issue No. 1
    August 2005

    Rhapsody Hi there!

    Welcome to the first issue of the Ornamental Applique Newsletter! Some of you have been waiting a very long time and hopefully you can hang in there with me as I fudge my way through, pretending to know exactly what I am doing!!??? The technology of building and maintaining a website has grown so fast since I first put up my website that there are days I don’t really know what I am doing. Thank goodness that applique technology does not change as rapidly- I’d be in big trouble.

    If you haven’t had a chance to visit the website lately, you have to come see. Apparently, I enjoy designing my website like I design quilts- complex and with visions of grandeur! It will be an evolving process and you will need to visit from time to time to see what is new. This newsletter will highlight any changes and new stuff you need to see.

    New books, Hand Dyed fabrics and ribbons, Yuwa fabrics and lots more have all been added to the site. You can now shop online with a convenient and safe PayPal shopping cart, (you don’t need to have a PayPal account), and your order will be shipped, in most cases, within 48 hours. Also coming within the next few weeks will be all of the hand dyed silks and velvets, silk thread and applique notions.

    Thanks for signing up and I hope you will stay in touch.


    Rhapsody Vol. 1 New Book! Rhapsody
    Rhapsody Vol. 1

    New Designs! New Format! Rhapsody is one of three new books that I have self-published, (see the others below). This design was an inspirational lightning bolt due to a small piece of fabric, literally, three half-meter cuts to be exact, (sigh). It is all the fault of this Victorian wallpaper stripe fabric from Yuwa that I found at a quilt show. Ever the determined quilter, it was insanely necessary for me to design a full size quilt featuring this fabric that I had so little of. Some of you may sympathize with me about the unexplainable obsession that a single fabric can trigger. But the resulting design is, I think, one of my best frame designs and although one frame has as much work as I usually put into a whole block, I am enjoying every minute.

    The quilt has nine, 24” blocks. Five of these blocks are “motif” blocks containing baskets and urns of lavish dimensional flowers and silk ribbon embroidery. I am pulling out all the stops by raiding the stash of “fancy” threads and flosses that I was saving for a special project and using them to add more texture and dimension. But that’s not all! I have long been fascinated by designing my own fabrics on the computer and have done some experimenting from time to time without being too pleased with the results. I will save the details for a future newsletter but many of the motif fabrics were designed and printed from my computer. I am so excited!

    The Rhapsody series has been divided into five volumes. Volume 1, currently available, contains the first motif block and the companion block. Volume 2 will be release around August 20th and will have the next motif block and companion.

    See more...

    Charmingly Rosey New Book! Charmingly Rosey
    Applique and Piecing

    Your eyes do not deceive you- there is piecing in this quilt top! Machine piecing is not something I have spent a lot of time on- but in this quilt it looks great. Diagonal set, 15” applique framed blocks complete with reverse applique corners. Everything you have come to expect from my designs along with a little twist!

    See more...

    Affectionate Offering New Book! Affectionate Offering
    Silk Ribbon and Applique

    Victoriana at it’s best! True to my love of those delicate calling card designs this applique wallhanging features a little vignette of doves nesting in a rose tree full of silk ribbon roses and other flowers. Inspired by another Victorian printed fabric from Yuwa this small quilt incorporates elaborate framing, reverse applique, embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery.

    See more...

    Hand Dyed Sateen and Ribbon Hand Dyed Fabrics and Ribbons
    Sateen and Silk Ribbons

    Finally! All of the fabrics and ribbons that you love to see at the shows we attend are now being added to the website. The hand dyed sateen and silk ribbons have already been added and within the next few weeks the silks and velvets will also be available online. Whenever the inspiration hits- it will all be ready and waiting for you! All of the hand dyed items will be subject to changing availability so you will need to visit occasionally to see if any new color combinations have been added.

    See more...

    Yuwa Fabric Yuwa Fabric
    Just Beautiful

    Exquisite designs on quality base fabric! I just can’t stop talking about this fabric. I was so intrigued by the fabric selection from this company and so frustrated that I couldn’t find it anywhere, I went straight to the source and decided to start stocking a small number of bolts. Mary Anne, (my friend and travel companion), and I have started using these in out newest projects. For me, it is well worth the little more in cost for the quality and style of prints available!

    See more...

    And Finally...

    If you have made it this far through the newsletter, I thank you. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to say but I will worry about that again the next time. But just a few more little things-

    I have opened an eBay Store. In the continuing quest to put two children through college at the same time- Ornamental Applique has to have as much exposure as possible. The items listed in the eBay store are the same as on my website, (sorry no bargains, remember the college kids), but you may want to browse the coming Fabric Flea where I spring clean my fabric shelves. There may be a few hidden treasures.

    My current travel schedule is very light partly by design and partly due to costs. Cutting the budget is not fun but sometimes necessary. I will only be attending A Quilters Gathering this fall in New Hampshire as a vendor and if you get a chance, I would love to see you. The only other major travel event will be the annual February trip to Elly Sienkiewicz’s Applique Academy in Williamsburg as an instructor and vendor and the information for next years Academy has been posted on Elly’s website.

    So, in order to save something to talk about next time, I need to go back to work on the website and the newest projects, now. Next time you will hear more about the free online Block of the Month design that is upcoming for newsletter subscribers, the newest book and all the additions to the website. Until then Happy Applique!

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