Embellishing Baltimore by Jeni Buechel

Embellishing Baltimore Page 1

     It’s hard to believe but this unique Baltimore Album was designed strictly as a teaching tool. Eager to try incorporating silk ribbon embroidery and unusual fabrics into a Baltimore Album for a new class idea, this quilt was the recipient of all of the ideas I had been thinking about!

Closeup of beaded applique
Close up of beaded applique edge.

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     Working with a beautiful paisley, I accentuated the two different 24” frame designs by beading the inner edge with a small embroidery bead as they were being appliqued into place. I found this accented the cutwork frame and added a little sparkle.
     Although, adding a bead on the needle each time I took an applique stitch is not a complex idea- keeping them even is, (especially when working at my favorite stitching time- late at night). In order to keep the beads evenly spaced. I did take the extra time to mark small placement dots around the frame, to help me out.