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     Originally, this series was going to be only four blocks in a completely different frame setting. But, I had decided to use the frame for another project and Mary Anne insisted that I needed to design a new frame for the original album blocks. She even picked the metallic gold, Hoffman paisley and cobalt blue accent color before I had even considered how the new frame would look!  So, I decided to designed five additional blocks and a framed setting that I thought melded both her fabric choices and the very traditional Baltimore Album motifs. Here is the result!
     There are nine 22" blocks, each with it's own center motif of stylized flowers, baskets, bouquets, wreaths and urns. Some of the flowers are repeated throughout the quilt to give it a consistent look and it has something new for one of my designs- a diamond sashing between the blocks that "could" be machine pieced although Mary Anne appliqued hers.  You can see the blocks much better in the close-up shots on page 3.


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Mary Anne's version of Enduring Traditions
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Mary Anne's version