Yuwa Fabric available from Ornamental Applique

     If you have floated around this web site, you may have noticed I spend a lot of time talking about this darned Japanese fabric from Yuwa.      What makes me like this fabric so much? Well, two things, the style of prints available and the fabric quality! The two most important things to justify the higher priced investment I am willing to make.
     Much of the discussion about quality and print style will continued in the Applique Companion, where there is room to show how this impacts my quilt designs from ideas to finished product. But for now, I have a few bolts of fabric to offer and will be happy to add more if there is interest....

     Color is always subjective- your monitor's color may not accurately represent the fabric.
     In order to accomodate the shopping cart system- all fabric prices are listed at a 1/2 yard length. Adjust your quantity in the shopping cart. It will be cut as one length.

     There is a limited amount of all bolted fabrics. To ensure your order is filled you may want to email me prior to placing your order, to make sure an adequate yardage amount is available.

Yuwa Fabric 3
Yuwa- 003
  Yuwa Fabric 5
Yuwa- 005