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     Is it the Moda fabric or the unique frame design? I don't know but this fabric was almost yelling at me when it arrived at Quilters Corner! It had that seductive call that said "You must use me!" OK, so I am slightly insane but don't tell me you have never heard that voice in your head. Well, maybe not, but I have and the fabrics that catch my eye are usually immediately dictating what the design will be. This was no exception. It reminded me of old fashioned Victorian wallpaper and I knew right away I would design a quilt that looked like botanical prints had been hung on the wall. Since then, I have noticed a number of floral stripes that have arrived in the quilt shops that could be used for this quilt. Hummm...., something to think about. 

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Floral Portrait quilt by Jeni Buechel

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