Token of Love Page 1

     You knew I couldn't resist! All of those elegant calling card designs.....  I just couldn't stop the temptation to make a new series with silk ribbon embroidery and all the embellished and dimensional applique that I love! I have great plans for this series- although, at this time it is affectionately referred to as the "Block of the Year"! (or as Mary Anne refers to it as the block of the millennium). This tongue and cheek term refers to the fact that  I have not released Block 2, (for a few years), but never fear, the new release will come. I am thinking of an eagle..... and believe it or not there really were patriotic calling cards.  Keep watching- it will be coming!
      Currently, there is only one pattern available and rather than hold it until I can commit to a schedule for this series, I am releasing this one as a single pattern- right now. But trust me, there will be more. Sixteen as a matter of fact, surrounding a center valentine medallion. I haven't finalized a design, yet. 


Pattern Includes-
     - Full size pattern
     - Supply list
     - Complete instructions for block
     - Silk ribbon stitch guide
     - Templates and instructions for flowers

Token of Love -Pattern 1 - $7.00
Printable Order Form- here
Token of Love Block 1