Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon and Fabrics from Ornamental Applique

     Many of you may remember that I have previously offered a larger selection of silk ribbon. Due to changes in the dyes and the process I use, I have changed the color selection for right now from 84 to 31 colors. As you probably realize, depending on the project I am working on- colors can be added at any time. Check the color chart and the Odd lot page for any changes.
     More information on silk ribbon embroidery will be available shortly in the Applique Companion.
Petite Ribbonry
Download a printable .pdf
Silk Ribbon Color Card and Order Form- 1.8Mb



Odd Lots of Hand Dyed Ribbon
     Occasionally, I will have odd lots of ribbon for sale on this page. They are first rate colors, but may have not matched the permanent dye-lots as well as I wanted or I do a "whoops" and can't figure out how to reproduce a great color, (it happens....) I will discount this ribbon slightly and place it here on the web. You never know when it will be just the perfect shade you were looking for!
Coming soon!