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     It has been a long time wish of mine to design a quilt based on my favorite Pennsylvania folk art designs. With my mothers encouragement, I developed a fascination for these Pennsylvania German designs, many years ago, and can remember our refrigerator covered with Hex Signs that I had painted as gifts for her.
     Pennsylvania Germans are well recognized for their distinctive art form. The resulting Fraktur in hymnal books, birth and wedding certificates and school copy books are eagerly sought after art and if you are interested in more information on the style there are great resources available.
     So, finally, the right fabrics appeared at the quilt shop that were crying out for this type of design. I have affectionately nick named this frame- "kitchen door", because it reminds me of a panel in a kitchen cabinet. It just seemed to suit my idea, though, of tulips, hearts, baskets and distlefinks. Don't miss the fact that I snuck the reverse applique into the design again- You know I can't resist. 

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A Pennsylvania Heritage quilt by Jeni Buechel
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