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        The Victorian people had a great love for gardening. A lot of time was spent creating and grooming topiaries for their garden displays. Training roses to form different shapes such as a weeping tree was just one of the many variations. Different varieties of roses or different colors of the same rose species would be twined up a common stem and then the branches were allowed to droop into a lovely display of blooming roses and rosebuds. 
     Inspired by an antique theorum painting these silk fabric roses and folded rosebuds are the perfect touch for this quilt. The stippling done with fabric paint on the background fabric, before the applique is started, adds another element of texture and dimension. The double frame finishes the design and provides a great setting for the tree

Pattern Includes-
     - Full size pattern
     - Supply list
     - Complete instructions for block
     - Templates and instructions for flowers

Weeping Tree Rose - $10.00
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Weeping Tree Rose by Jeni Buechel

Finished wallhanging measures approximately 30"x 36"