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     This award winning, Victorian style wallhanging is overflowing with grace and elegance. I think this quilt is as close to gold leafing that I can achieve with fabric and beads. I fell in love with the corner motif in a quilting design book and knew I needed to translate it into a reverse applique design. So, I designed the quilt from the outside- in, without having any idea of what was going on the inside of the quilt.
      I still remember my best friend's reaction when I called her to try and explain the flourished bird design I was going to ink in the center. It is hand painted with watered down fabric paint and a liner brush. The first and last time I have inked that way. Maybe someday I will try it again, but I hope I have more sense not to have the quilt top assembled first! 


Pattern Includes-
     - Full size pattern
     - Supply list
     - Complete instructions for block
     - Templates and instructions for flowers

Token of Remembrance-$15.00
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Token of Remembrance quilt by Jeni Buechel
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