Ornamental Applique Workroom Page 3

      One of the projects is this medallion, whig rose quilt. It gets worked on every once and a while, in fact- recently. The design was one of my favorites but I ended up having a problem that didn't surface until I got well into the applique, (and in fact when I photographed the outer blocks for the old web site), I noticed that the outer frame fabric had a distinct directional line running through the blocks at odd angles.

mockup of whig rose quilt

companion blocks for whig rose quilt

     Well, after I recovered from the shock, (the blocks were all cut out), I knew I wouldn't be happy until I found a new fabric. So, for a number of years this quilt has been shelved while I have looked for the new "perfect" fabric that would work with the fabrics already in the quilt. It was a lot harder than I had imagined but I recently found one.
. Whig rose medallion